Resin trace-ability in off line mode

Hello there,
i looked thru the Form2 LCD menu but couldn’t find information regarding how much resin is left.
i was wondering if the machine can keep tracking consumption without logging in to my dashboard.
i am new to the machine but made some prints while i was logged out, they don’t show on the dashboard.
will the machine run out in the middle of a print, since it did not account for prints done while not logged-in?
btw i am using formlab resin and not working in the open source mode


Hey @jdaher,

That’s a terrific question! The rough estimation of remaining resin is stored on each individual cartridge. Because of this, the printer can only tell you information about the cartridge when it’s inserted into the printer.

The estimation process is pretty rough because all the printer can do is guess how much resin is left based on how much time it’s spent dispensing resin from that particular cartridge. This is the reason we only offer that small picture of the rough resin level in the cartridge rather than a percentage of resin used or anything like that.

If you try to start a print and the Form 2 thinks that there isn’t enough resin in the cartridge, it will give you a warning in PreForm, and potentially an additional warning on the printer’s UI screen as well. You have the ability to continue the print anyways if you know you’ve got enough left.

If the printer completely runs out of resin mid print the Levelsense functionality should detect that it’s no longer getting any resin from the cartridge and the whole thing will simply pause until you have the chance to drop in a fresh cartridge of resin.

I hope that’s helpful, but if there’s any additional information I can provide or you have more questions please let me know!

thanks very much for the info.
i didn’t even realize that the small picture indicates roughly what is left.
not perfect but very useful

thanks again

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