What on earth is up with the remaining resin estimate?

I really don’t understand how Preform/Dashboard is estimating the amount of resin remaining in the cartridge. Is it including the resin in the tank? My cartridge is completely empty and the dashboard says this:


It’s been quite a while and the printer is still on it’s futile quest to fill the tank from this empty cartridge.

Yeah. I’ve run two cartridges of Tough 2000 through my printer since I bought it. The first cartridge actually ran out pretty close to when the printer said it was empty. The second cartridge is sitting on the machine now, empty, and the printer still thinks it’s half full.

I had to do a rough estimate of how much resin was still in the tank, vs. what my last print would consume, to be sure it’d complete if I told it to ignore the fact that the resin tank wasn’t filling up. Calculation came out in my favor, I ran the print and it did finish.

It’s just frustrating since ostensibly it acts as a reminder to get more resin so printing isn’t interrupted.

Periodically pull the cartridge out of the printer and slosh it slightly to get an idea of how much is left. Until FL figures out what’s wrong with how it works now, that’s about the only solution…