Release Schedule?

There hasn’t been any updates on releases lately. Just wondering if anyone has heard when the May releases will be and if they’re still on track?

This total lack of communication is why I won’t order, it’s worrying.

Adam, Andrew – I assume you’re discussing our software release schedule? We released a software update on May 1 (PreForm 1.4 – – and we generally push our releases every few weeks or so. I don’t have a set timeline on the next, but stay tuned to our blog for the latest – we generally release early and often.

I was talking abut the hardware but I can’t speak for Adam.

I was talking about the hardware as well. My question was answered, but I had to submit a ticket to tech support. As customers who just dropped a large amount of money for something, it would be nice to be kept informed of what’s going on and whether things are on track or not. As it turns out, there’s a delay with orders that were supposed to ship in May. June 13th was the date I was given. This kind of info should have been released to the community and not require a ticket to be submitted. That’s the main point of this thread that I started.

Ah, apologies Adam. Ship dates vary depending on order time & location, so I do encourage you to write in to, for up-to-date information on your specific case.

I’ve ordered my Form 1 in October last year. The initial shipping date was set to January 24. After 4 reschedules today once again the shipping date has been passed without any news. 2 days ago I’ve sent a mail to support…haven’t heard a thing. I really don’t understand on what these predictions are based since the delivery period has already been doubled by now.

I would really like to hear what is going wrong besides the standard reply ‘we’re doing our best’ and more importantly…I’d really like to see a form1 on my doorstep waiting for me one of these days.