What has the lead-time been for your orders?

I placed an order on September 12th, and I have heard nothing on it. I went to Formlabs site and it says that it has been unfulfilled.  This independent 3D industry is become very frustrating in the way business is handled.  With monies demanded upfront for orders and preorders, there is no incentive to ship product on-time or even provide a courtesy email when there are delays.  I know many of you have waited longer than this, or are still waiting, but for some of us who are trying use this to make a living, this model fails.  Please Formlabs, open up your resin chemistry to other vendors so that you can meet demand.

What are your feelings?  Will this get better? Are there alternatives? (I have B9 creator that I am building to hopefully alleviate relying on one vendor)

Thanks for letting me vent a little.

I don’t know how big the pre-order queue is, but they’re still finishing up on the kickstarter pledges - I pledged in Oct 2012 and only got notification my Form 1 had shipped end of last week.

They have started publishing shipping numbers on occasion though (see their blog)  - and it seems they are definitely speeding up. However the non-kickstarter pre-order queue must be quite large. If you consider they had 1000+ kickstarter orders in just 1 month, and it’s been almost 12 months since the kickstarter campaign finished.

I would expect to wait some months into 2014 given you there’s 10/11 months of pre-orders in front of you.