It's Official, Form2 November deliveries NOT happening

After several inquiries, I finally got a response today that my Form 2 that I ordered a few minutes after it was announced on Sept 22 will not be shipping in the next few days as promised (“November delivery” quoted at time of purchase) .

I am not annoyed at the delay… these things happen. However I am terribly annoyed that nobody bothered to volunteer this information to me, it seems they were just going to let the delivery date pass by without comment. I had to make a few inquiries before someone finally responded to my request. I’m not even being impatient, I was instead trying to plan holiday travels around making sure I would be here to take delivery … turns out that won’t be a problem at all (or will it? Christmas is coming too). I understand that production can encounter delays but I think once you take someone’s money based on a stated delivery of “November”, you should at the VERY LEAST keep them posted on the status of said order.

I wish I could tell you what the delay is or how long the delay in shipping will be … but sadly the response I got back from support this morning was very careful to avoid those topics. The only certain fact in the email was “your printer won’t be arriving this week”.

I have 100% confidence that I will be very happy with the machine when I get it, I’m just finding this part of the transaction a little less than what I expected.

Still very excited about getting my machine … just underwhelmed by customer service and communication.

I know that you Form1 and Form1+ owners are rolling your eyes at me right now and saying “brother, you have no idea what we went through”. But yeah, I do. I’ve been following this project since the Form1 was first announced. I thought things might be better now. And hopefully they will be. I don’t expect to wait 6 months or more for my Form2.

So, I’m off to enjoy my holiday now, secure in the knowledge that I will not miss the delivery of my amazing new SLA machine.

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