Random lines on part's surface

I printed this part flat on the platform without any supports on my Form2. It turned out pretty well!.. except there are random lines (0.002in above surface) on the surface. I don’t think the lines were caused by high surface shear force since they are not aligned along with the x-y axis. Also, My printer’s z axis somehow got super messed up after printing this part. The platform is compressed way too low on the tray. One time, the platform was stuck on the tray and popped the wiper out when it tried to pull up, and all my prints after this have really thin compression layers.

What could caused the lines on this part? And is my assumption that printing this part messed up my printer’s tuning correct? Any opinions are appreciated!

p.s. I still freaking love this printer!

Hi James,

That looks great!

How does the part polish afterwards?

Are you able to sand it with finer and finer sandpaper to bring it to a crystal clear finish?

I have heard of people vapor polishing 3D printed parts with various solvents.

Will this also work with the Formlabs clear resin?


Thanks Joe! I haven’t had the time to polish it with fine sandpaper yet, but I will sure upload the picture when I do.

I believe vapor polishing such as using acetone works well with FDM printed ABS parts, but I don’t think so for Formlabs’ resin.


Thanks James,

I was thinking that perhaps vapor polishing with Methylene Chloride.

Do you know if Dichlo has any effect on the clear parts?

Thanks again,

Mmmm, Methylene Chloride. Sounds like it’s really great for living things. Might be better to just stick with wetsanding…

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Are you positive these are not artefacts within the .stl itself? Try printing an .obj of the file and see if they persist - that is if you dare trash your z-axis again…

LOL!! Yeah. Vapor polishing with Dichlo kind of went out of fashion decades ago for just that reason.

or all of it’s user’s died…

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I guess that I am running out of things to talk about having never touched a solid print from my machine.

meaning, your machine does not print right?

It makes 2D amoebas. Do those count?

Is there a ticket open, or a thread with pics we can see?

Apparently my sense of humor is not appreciated here so my threads have been censored. My avatar has one of the more successful prints. The ticket has been open for 2.5 months and I think we are headed towards a resolution.

Well, they must be bad then. I’ve never been censored, and even I might have censored some of my posts…
2.5 months? Hmm, a little too long methinks. Point me to whatever is publicly available.

Hi Chris,

No way! Those threads were funny as heck! I even got an “Earned Welcome” for one of the posts but now I am back to square one on those I guess.

At the end of this thread About to cry over repeated print fails I posted a couple of photos before they locked the thread.

Yeah, I just checked the ,stl file and the part doesn’t have those lines.

I don’t think I will ever print without supports from now on… my support base is still really thin after offsetting my platform so 1.1mm…

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