Raising the Z-Axis Offset?

In what scenario would you need to raise the Z-Axis offset? If a print failed on normal settings, but succeeded with the Z-Axis offset at +2mm, what does that indicate?

That is precisely the scenario I am in right now. Had a bunch of failures, raised the Z-Axis offset by +2mm and now it is printing without problem.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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It shouldn’t change anything besides the raft thickness. It is very odd that by raising the offset your model printed successfully. Very strange IMO.

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Post a picture of the failed print. Where it failed makes all the difference. David is probably right, but I can envision a situation where the z-reference is too “deep” and the base ends up too thin because the layers are getting compressed. Increasing the base thickness would compensate for that, but raising the z-height would be the correct tweak in this case.

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As I said before in many of the topics, I have problem in z-axis & I can’t correct it yet.
The size in z-axis grow up between 0.1 mm to 0.3 mm( just in z-axis) In XY sizes are fine without any error.
do you think it(raising the z-Axis offset) will help me or not?!

should I orient jewelry models?
if the answer is yes what degree I should orient?

Thank you for your attention

If you are printing without a Base, with your model directly on the print platform, then raising the Z axis will probably result in an increase in the z-height of your print. This is because some number of initial layers (depends on the specifics of your printer) are printed under compression and they end up much thinner than the actual programmed layer thickness.

I put 1mm base thickness for my model and put atleast 5 mm of support.after 6 mm the main model started to print.
could you please give me your mail address so I can send you my model and you check it and tell me your Idea.

Why only 1mm base thickness? I would leave the base parameters at their defaults unless you have a reason to change them. I think with only a 1mm base the problem with Z is probably that the base isn’t strong enough and the print is moving in the Z axis as it is peeled. Try printing your object with PreForm defaults for all settings. Even let PreForm orient the part and create the supports. Then see if you still have a problem.

Note you can post your .FORM file to this thread and I and/or other forum users can check it.

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