"Raft" hanging > 3mm over edge of build platform

My prints are hanging 3-4 mm over the “hinge side” edge of the build platform. Something is out of alignment. Can I fix this?

I don’t think so. I think this is a galvonometer issue.
Open a support ticket.

Mine all hang about that far off the front side. Hasn’t affected anything for me so far. As Christopher said, open a ticket. They can let you know for sure if its a problem.

I’ve had the software hang the raft over the edge before. Check to see that it’s not just a placement issue in the software first. It’s easy to move back onto the build area.

The few times I’ve had this happen there were no failed prints.

If the print doesn’t line up with the top view in preform you’ll need a service ticket to fix it.

@Ralph_Roberts absolutely open a ticket - however, it is indeed possible it’s not a “galvo issue” and that it is a simple “alignment” issue.

Is your printer still in warranty? yes - see above, no - Has your printer always been this way?

If you’ve only just noticed this and are not sure if its always been like that - then print two test pieces at the same time. One on the hinge edge and the other on the peel edge. If the peel edge part is obviously inset, or if the distance between the two parts while still attached to the build platform appears to be correct, then it is a galvo alignment issue and not an issue with the galvo’s themselves.

The galvos are mounted in a machined aluminium block - in cylindrical sockets. You can rotate them in their sockets manually if you loosen off the locking hex screw.

Again - only if you’re not still in warranty, and also only if you confirm the print space is “shifted” and not “stretched” - then you can adjust the galvo alignment very easily - see here at ~50s for a brief description https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kx5qwWXJ1X0 although of course in your case the relevant galvo would be the vertically mounted one, not the horizontally mounted one indicated in the video.

Cleaning the galvo mirrors often results in an offset – most probably on the hinge side. You can simply compensate by placing the print about 1 column towards the peel side. This means that, ultimately, you lose 1 column’s worth of build footprint, as the software will not print anything that hangs off the peel side because of a shift from the hinge side. For me, it wasn’t worth returning an otherwise good machine. Also, over time, the prints VERY slowly shift back to the proper position, but by that time you will likely be cleaning the galvo’s again!

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