Quickest and cheapest Cure Chamber

I just bought the Formlabs 2, and the Formlabs Cure. I can not wait 20 weeks for it.

What is the FASTEST and CHEAPEST way to get a functional curing chamber that will work in the meantime?

What about these fingernail driers? Advice?

There are plenty of options posted in multiple places on this forum. Give it a quick look. Generally you need to decide whether or not you want controlled heating and that will steer you in one direction or another. Other than that, it is basically LED strips or nail dryer lights + some reflection and a box.

The nail curing solution works fine for me

Sounds like you just need a short-term solution. As The others said there are plenty of options from the nail curing station to even leaving it in indirect sunlight. Cheapest would be the sun, but its unreliable in some areas and slow (I haven’t used the sun). IIRC the nail curing station is about $20 and the box, tin foil, tape, etc is negligible.