Quick video on how to release your print from the platform

I put together a quick video showing how to easily remove your model from the platform. This method is not only safer in my opinion but also much much easier!

Check out the post here.


I was using the pliers + scraper for a similar kind of leverage, but your way looks a lot easier. Thank you for the more efficient method!

I had the same idea of a razor blade, but in my case I was using a paint scraper fitted with a retractable razor blade (normally used to get paint off glass).

I’m also thinking that the “trapezoid shaped” replaceable box cutter blades may work even better as their shape and strength means that they should provide good leverage.

Thanks Robert I will try that trick!  I also find that the base the new support system generates makes it easier to get the pieces off.  The scalloped edge makes it easier to get it started. However your way still looks much more graceful!

I have found that lightly tapping the handle of the spatula with a plastic (or really small metal) hammer quickly and easily separates the part base from the platform (far less scratching, too).