Easy Way To Remove Prints... Ninja Style!

Premise: The “Awkward” Spatula

I know that we are supposed to use the spatula provided in the cleaning kit to remove the prints off the Build Platform, by inserting it in one of the beveled edges of the print’s support-base, but this is a frustrating process for me…

So after going over ALL of Robert Vignone’s Mold3D TV’s videos… five times, I observed how he used a razor blade (from an utility knife,) to “start” the pealing of the print, followed by the spatula…

I then went on to may weekly trip to my local Home Depot (a chain of temples of joy and hardware-megastores in the States,) and purchased some replacement Scraper Blades (for scrapers… that is,) and tried his trick…

What I’ve Learned

Well, let me show you how you can remove the entire piece using only a blade: Here are the volunteers:

I then used the long razor blade and made sure that the beveled edge was pointing down:

WARNING! NEVER put your fingers in-front of the blade: fingers in-front of blade… BAD!

Then I press down on one edge and rotate the opposite-edge:

And then I press one edge I was rotating and press on the opposite edge and so on, like a zig-zag:

Half-way through this technique, the piece will pop and you can insert the spatula and move to the Isopropyl Alcohol baths! Check the results on these prints!

Good luck and patience!

Frank J. Guthrie

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Wow that’s so dangerous… I never had issues with releasing prints from the platform.

Just use a small flat screwdriver and use the triangular notches preform creates. Slowly release the suction and the whole print will fall off the platform.

This is also far cleaner than trying to slice off the base…

I am still amazed you got that cup to print. I would have had failure city right away or right at the end. Happens every damn time. Almost perfect model and boom right at the end it will fail. Whatever your doing, your prints look great.

And careful with that blade, ninja…