PSA: Always make sure your tank covers don't have resin in them!

After printing yesterday I must have dripped on resin either on the underside of the cover or the edge of the reservoir tank and left it there to cure a little overnight. I come in this morning and begin the fill the tank with more resin but I noticed my tank cover was being stubborn to remove. Then I hear a loud “CRACK”. I learned a valuable lesson to always make sure your resin tank and covers are clean before leaving work :blush:

The results are below:

Thankfully even with the tank filled to the max line and the build plate all the way down, I can still use this tank without the resin spilling over…

This is a known issue with the tanks (there is a thin spot on that corner) and probably has nothing to do with resin in the cover. ALL of my tanks have cracked, as have many others’. Search the forum and you’ll find a lot of discussion on the subject.


Well, I wouldn’t say resin doesn’t have anything to do with it when in fact my remaining corner was stuck in partially cured resin :smiley:

I’ve never had any of my other tanks crack out of the blue. I’m not saying there isn’t the possibility for a weak spot, I’m just saying I’ve never left resin to cure on my cover and then tried to pull it off the next morning…until now. :wink:

One of my tanks was like that but it came from me accidentally touching it with the alcohol wipe. Doesn’t take much to damage the tanks.

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