Product Safety DataSheet for printed pats

Hi all,
One of my customers is asking for Product Safety Data Sheet. The customer will drill into the parts I am providing them. How can I measure the hazards of the printed and completely cured parts?

Have you been able to check out the SDS forms towards the bottom of this page? Generally, cured parts are more benign, but it’s good practice to take precautions as some of the resin may remain uncured.

Thanks for ur reply
I have checked this SDS “
I am not a chemist however I know that acrylate monomer is very hazardous and when it is mixed or photo activated and cured, its hazard diminishes and the end acrylic polymer is almost inert (of course depending on how much of ideal (100%) setting is achieved and in this special case how good the surface is cured and cleaned).
Anyway the SDS of the non cured material will signal the customer that this product is very hazardous (while it is not when it is cured).
I have written in my wish-list that formlabs could offer its users SDS of “ideally cured” parts (at least for its commonly used resins).