Do you have an MSDS for the cured resin?

I would like information on the cured products. Is it safe to some in contact with human skin? thanks I would like to see a full MSDS on the cured product.

From google : Isopropyl Alcohol MSDS

Thanks sand tz, but I need MSDS on the final printed object, is it safe to play with and have prolonged contact with human or animal skin?

Oh sorry i misunderstood, as it said everywhere that cured resin is safe, i didn’t go so far in my questions but it’s a very interesting point - i vote it.

A good friend of mine is a PhD chemist who specializes in UV Resins (and his firm works with Formlabs) and he says to be extra careful when handling the parts, especially if they are like mine and tend to be ‘sticky’ with a small layer of uncured resin on them even after being properly washed and placed in sunlight for final curing… and that goes for the uncured raw resin as well!!!

He says, and another MD friend who has written papers on exposure to workplace chemicals agrees, that you should thoroughly wash up if you plan on touching a mucous membrane or eating anytime soon after handling. Immediate health impacts are low, but long term exposure can be very dangerous just as with any other petroleum/hydrocarbon product