What is the safety of printed materials

I have to work with the form 2, but I have some questions about outgassing of the prints. What gasses come out of the tested prints when you put them in a vacuum chamber. Which gasses are toxic and which are not. Are printed parts airtight?

For the normal materials you shouldn’t get any outgassing provided the parts are fully cured. Once cured the standard resins should act like regular acrylic casting resins.

That said, all of the parts I’ve put in a vacuum pot (or pressure pot) have been sealed with a quick spray of lacquer to seal them. The coating also helps keep the casting material from reacting with the printed part.

You should check out the Safety Data Sheets for each of our materials which can be found at the bottom of this page.

What i see are the safety data sheets of the resin, not of the printed parts.