Engineering resin materials

Does any one know how vacuum compatible the engineering resins are? I figure this might be the quickest way to get an answer.

My experience with the engineering resins, especially Tough 2000, has been very good. However, I use them in pressurized applications. Some of the prototypes I’ve built have been pressurized up to 20 bar(g) without any problems. It all depends on the design and also on the layout during printing and your post-processing.

For vacuum applications, it should be similar. If you design the model correctly, considering the material properties, you should be fine.

Thanks, There doesn’t seem to be any info on vacuum compatibility on there home page. I think I’ll have to make something and test it.

What are you concerned about? Mechanical strength or material degradation?

Out gassing. This is for a space project and it has to have very low out gassing.

Ah. I suspect that any resin you use will outgas, potentially for a long time, unless you take steps to prevent it like seriously over-curing the parts and maybe even sealing them with a conformal coating. I can still detect the resin smell on properly post-cured prints that are over a year old.

Thanks for the input. I’ll probably make a test print and check it a vacuum chamber. And see how bad it is.

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