Vacuum chamber compatible material?

Can anyone recommend a resin that would be suitable for use in a vacuum chamber? The main concern is offgassing and contaminating sensitive optics.

Good morning, @mbarnet,

Thank you for your question on offgassing and resins in vacuum. Our resins can all be used in vacuum, and to minimize offgassing, the postprocessing is the important step.

Suggestions for success include following a careful wash schedule (do not over wash) in clean IPA with a final rinse with fresh clean IPA, Wait overnight after washing to let any residual wash solvent dry out of the part prior to postcuring for 60-120 minutes. Finally doing a bakeoff at an elevated temperature in a vacuum oven for extremely sensitive systems is a typical best practice.

We haven’t done any official standardized testing but the NASA website has outgassing values for Clear resin, Grey resin, and Nylon 12 Fuse powder.

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