Extending Life of Resin - Vacuum Chamber?

Hey everyone, I was brainstorming ideas to try to extend the life of the resins once they are poured into the trays for use.

I was wondering has anyone experimented leaving their resin trays inside a vacuum chamber when not in use? I don’t know much about the chemistry of resin, but based on other forum posts (this one) seems like extreme temperatures (cold/hot) just shortens the shelf life.

I was thinking maybe if the resin was inside a vacuum, there would be less air molecules to interact with. But I was worried maybe it would have a bad reaction and either bubble out of control or boil like water does.

I had clear v2 resin last for almost 2 years and print fine even when it was cloudy in the tank. I has asked about chilling (not freezing) the resin. A trick we used to use on photo stencils for screen printing. Would need to bring the resin back to room temp prior to use. FL bocked at the idea and only way to find out is to try some and test which would take more than a year :wink: