Newbie Question about materials

Hello everyone,

After some minor roadblocks, where support was excellent and everything was resolved, I’ve experienced 100% printing success, but my experience is limited to standard resins. To be more specific, Black and Clear.

I don’t know if this is important, but my printer is a 3+ with the build platform 2, and I use TPM with two washers—one with TPM and one with water. I’m susceptible to strong odors, so IPA is utterly out of the question.

Now my questions are about Durable and Tough 2000:

  • Wash color compatibility.

    • Can I wash Durable in the same TPM as Clear?
    • Can I wash Tough in the same TPM as Black?
  • Odor:

    • Is the odor of those two resins comparable to the standard resins? If stronger, by how much? (I know this is subjective but still helpful. :grin: )
  • Print friendliness:

    • How difficult are they to print compared to the standard ones? I do auto support and orientation, and I use rafts.

Thanks in advance for your kind advice!

Hi @ppespepe,

Thanks for getting in touch!

  • You may see some pigmentation transfer when sharing solvent baths. I’d be a little worried about Black Resin pigment transferring to your Tough 2000 parts. With that said, depending on the degree of pigmentation transfer, the end result may still be acceptable (or could be improved in post-processing).
  • I’d defer to other users who could compare the odor of these resins. Of course, this is highly subjective as you mentioned.
  • You shouldn’t notice any significant challenges with these resins compared to standard ones. Some of our other engineering resins, such as Flexible 80A and Elastic 50A, have additional considerations for printing that standard resins do not.

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