Any new Fuse info?

Is there new information on the Fuse? I have looked and could not find any. I would really be interested in a SDS sheet on the nylon powder. I am trying to decide where to put it when it ships. Can I put it in my office or does it need to be set away from everybody?

What sort of information are you looking for? We’ll have units running at some upcoming shows and will continue releasing new information with as we get closer to launch.

Like to have a SDS (Safety Data Sheet) on the nylon. You have to have one. Is there any danger from breathing the dust everyday if my machines are in my office?

In general, Nylon powders for SLS are treated as nuisance dusts safety-wise.

You might be satisfied with looking up information and SDSs on other SLS Nylon materials. If the powder is just sitting still in a container or a pile, it’s not really a problem.

Wearing a particulate respirator is advisable if you’re exposed to clouds of powder from moving it around, but that should not be a major issue in normal use of the Fuse 1.

Whether or not it’s suitable for your office environment might depend a lot on how you use it, and how you process your parts after printing.

We have pre-ordered the cleaning system along with two Fuse’s. How well does the powder recovery system contain the dust? For instance, if I am cleaning some new parts and I am wearing a mask, would other people in the room need to have a mask on too?

Is there any dust that escapes from the Fuse as it operates?

I want the SDS for the material that Formlabs sends with the Fuse. I understand if you don’t have it ready yet, but it is required by law that you have one and I am required to have it before the material enters our facility.

Just like Formlabs resins for the Form2 ship with SDS available, the Fuse and associated powder will ship with the necessary SDS. When the Fuse 1 is getting ready to ship, it’s much more likely that you’ll be able to request the SDS before receiving your machine and powder.

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You made me think of something else. Does the recovery system come with it’s own compressor or do I need to supply air to it?

when is spring 2018 exactly? :slight_smile:

I would love to hear the first reaction of this machine. We will probably order once we know of the first results.

I saw a comment about the Fuse 1 being demonstrated at some shows. Has anyone seen it in action?

Also, are there any updates on expected shipping date, or even time frame? There were mentions of Q2 in other posts. We now have 60 days left in this quarter, i hope they make it as I would like to see some reports “from the field” so to speak.

I saw them a while back when they were unveiled at the user conference in Boston, along with several sample prints. Printing without supports is awesome, although parts have a grainier surface than those from the Form 2. I haven’t had the opportunity to play with the printers myself yet.

Any official estimate on a release date? Lots of guesses in here but nothing else. I know that this year is looking like a wash but has release slid past 2019 yet?