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Formlabs is not selling materials for FUSE 1 on their web shop, why?

I know that SLS is not main technology that Formlabs is know for, it is SLA with their Form 2 and now Form 3 printers. But they also made SLS printer (Fuse 1) which looks like an ok machine, but why there are no PA12 and PA11 materials for them on their web shop?

This seams like a huge oversight.

Are there any Fuse 1 owners on this forum? Where do you buy your consumable PA12 and PA11 powders for your Fuse 1 machine?

Already had the quote

Nylon is $100/kg. 6kg bottle sold only.

Machine and clean station accessories something like 30k

Where is this Nylon sold for $100/kg? Please share link to web shop that sells Fuse 1 compatible materials.

From Formlabs.

If you put the deposit already, you should be contacted by the sales person with a direct invoice for all the quote.


Are there other sources for Fuse 1 compatible PA11 and PA12 powders? I would like to have multiple sources for PA11 and PA12 powders.

I mean you can try until enough users own this machine. By reading the instruction FL sent to me, they already chipped the cartridge which means you can only use their powder for the sake of better material consumption management. But I guess once we have enough users, someone will figure out a way to bypass this material lock.

For the cost, you can use Preform to check. There is Fuse1 profile already inside and you can load files to check the production cost.

Honestly speaking, based on my experience, nylon machine requires a maximum space using rate to lower the percentage of waste material and balance the long heating/cooling time for each print. If you only print a few pieces each time, it is hard to convince to own a small nylon machine is cost-effective compared to outsourcing to other service business.

You know the HP MJP nylon is like $0.2-0.3/gram now for printing service charge?