Looks like the Fuse 1 is coming out

Received the sales email today to discuss the early shipping on Q1 2021 of the Fuse 1 machine.

To confirm, this is not a studio space machine. It is a fully industrial grade and needs to be taken care of.

Here are some insights and also the PA 12 nylon price is $100/kg.

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I will believe it when they actually ship it. I have been waiting for 3 years.

I got the invoice already and says will be shipped out soon.

If I pay the invoice now I can get like a bundle discount. :slight_smile:

Very interesting information, it lets clear is not a desktop device for amateurs but for professionals and service bureaus. What generates some uncertainty is the disaster on the form 3, a new development from a known technology which the company is based on. What can we expect from an unknown technology? Maybe wait for the Fuse2…

100% sure is you can’t put the Fuse 1 with the Form2/3 in the same room.

Why can’t the Fuse 1 be in the same room as the Form 2/3?

The nylon powder dust from the SLS printing/cleaning process.

Imagine it gets into the resin.


Thanks a lot for the information. Yes, I can see the new update regarding Fuse 1 as well on the Support page.
Is its final price kind of confidential? I am really liked to get the sense of the total price of the full set including Fuse Sift. The Fuse Sift seems somewhat expensive.

What I get here is around 30K.

That includes everything. The chamber inside the package is 2 units.

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Thanks, ashtree.