Problems with printing quality

I have installed a new resin tank. The mirror is clean.

Inside the printer I have found some parts. I think they was holding a resin tank… . Do somebody have any ideas how to solve the problems?

Oh boy, I think you have 2 separate issues going on here. They may be related. It depends on exactly where those bits came from.

Can you take a picture of the vat holder in your printer. I think they are the spring loaded vat holders. I am not sure how they came out but I think they are replaceable so there should be a procedure for securing them back in place. If they are the vat hold downs, it might explain the poor print as the vat would have been moving around during the printing.

Regardless of the first issue, the poor prints do look like the mirrors are dirty. I would give the main mirror a good look over. If you haven’t already opened a support ticket, it would be a good idea. This way FL can assist with both issues. They can also grant you the ok (if they feel it necessary) to clean the small mirror. I would not open the printer without FL’s ok.

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