Problems with Form Wash Control Panel

When I first got the Form Wash machine a few years back I had a problem with the machine going to sleep is the best description. This happened in the open position after it finished a wash cycle. No matter what you did you could not get it to run. I had to unplug and replug the machine to get it to work.
I complained about it to Formlabs but got nowhere.

Then I mentioned it to another tech and was sent a replacement control panel which I installed and it worked for a few days and same issue cropped up. So I was sent a completely new machine.

A month later and the same problem again. I gave up at that point and try to live with it but wonder if any one else is having this issue?

I have not experienced this. Probably the longest I’ve left the machine open after a wash is 40-60 seconds. I tend to try to keep it closed as much as possible.

That’s about the length of time I leave mine open, maybe a bit longer. I mainly use the wire basket as it allows me to scrape the excess resin off the build plate before putting both in the Form Wash. That also delays removing as they both need to be drained of excess IPA and the build plate wiped down.

Have you updated the firmware on the Form Wash? The Preform installation also includes a small application which connects to the Wash over USB and updates its firmware. We’ve only ever released one firmware update for the Wash, which fixed an issue where the screen appeared frozen – that could be what you’re seeing.

Yes the Form Wash has been updated also this was a brand new machine.

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