Form Wash Not Spinning

I just fired up the Form wash for the first time tonight. Filled to the correct level with IPA, slid in the build plate, started the wash, and the spinner at the bottom started to spin for a few seconds, the. Started vibrating and barely moving. No more nicely swirling IPA, just a lot of noise.

Anyone experiencing this? Already checked for debris, etc.

Proper type of IPA confirmed.

I have not seen this before but have you connected the unit so it can see if there is a firmware update available? I just connected both my cure and wash units and there is a recent firmware update for them both.

Do not know if that is your issue or not but worth the try if you still have not got it working.

I’ll take a look. I’d be surprised if it’s a software thing, but doesn’t hurt to check.

FormLabs moderator, any thoughts? Support ticket already in…



Root cause was a too tight screw that attaches the spinner to the bottom of the wash tank. I just slightly loosened the screw and the unit works flawlessly now.

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