Form Wash mixer is not spinning correctly


Just bought a Form 3 with Form Cure and Form Wash, 3 days ago. Everything was working very well, but now the form wash mixer does not spin. I’ve already tried to reset the machine (unplug and plug again to current) and actually this does something, because the mixer started to spin but it stoped again few seconds after. It’s possible to hear the motor working despite the spiner is not moving…

Any ideas of what might be the problem and how to fix it?

Thank you!

Did you check there is mot somethinjg blocking the agitator/ I had this happen and one of the parts somehow gloated out of the basket and then sunk to the bottom of the tank and blocked the agitator


Yes. I already took out the tank and examinated below the mixer. I can’t find anything there.
When I reset the machine it starts to spin well but in just a few seconds it stops again. If there was something blocking the mixer it would not spin at all, I guess.

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