Form Wash Blade Not Spinning


I just received my Form Wash and everything seems to be working well (i.e loading and unloading the washing basket). However, the propeller at the bottom doesn’t seem to spin. There is an audible noise when the washing begins, however, the blade is just held stationary. I’ve tried tightening and loosening the screw that holds the blade in place, however it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @callum1243,

I’m sorry to hear that your impeller isn’t moving properly; if you could please take a short video and create a ticket with our Support Team, we can get this resolved for you!

Hi @callum1243 ,

Did you get your wash working properly?
I am having exactly the same problem, it is been a month writing and talking with support team but nothing have been resolved yet

Hi @inGeraMtzM,

I’m sorry to hear about the extended troubleshooting you’ve been working through to resolve this issue. There are many potential variables that could be affecting the impeller movement of the Wash, so continuing dialogue with our Support team will be the most effective way to narrow this down.

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Sounds like clutch needs to be reset, easy fix
EN-Reseating the Form Wash Magnetic Clutch.pdf (763.4 KB)

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Hi @jantarek ,

Thanks for the INFO, unfortunately already send the wash to Service, and could not check it by myself, do you think this is related to the magnetic clutch?

Video link below:
Form Wash - impeller

ours was making whining noise and nothing was spinning, it can be the same problem as the clutch is pressed in and held by friction like shown in this part of the PDF. Yours did sounded like something is spinning below but not connected but also could be something more drastic like broken mount, etc.
let us know once you have it back

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