Form Wash - Not starting

Form wash machine is not powering on. The green LED on the power brick is on but pressing the power button does nothing. Anything I can do to try and remedy this?


Unplug and re-plug and it will work just fine. I have to do this every so often. Just a quirk in the panel.
I even found I have to do this with the Form 2’s from time to time. The panel will freeze and you can’t use the touch method to do anything.

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There is no power button on my Form Wash machine. When you plug in the power it turns on. The button is only to change the options in running the machine.
I’ve had the machine stall in various modes but just unplugging the power from the back and replugging it starts working again. Same with the Form 2 machines from time to time, the touch screen stops working. Re-power and off it goes working again.

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