Problem with printing

Hi everyone
Can someone help me? I’m having problem with my printing every time I print, items are half done or missing at all, I’m using w40
Thanks in advance

This isn’t enough information.

You need to supply full details in order to get useful help. The file itself would be a good first step, or at least an image of same, showing the layout on Preform.

Also include what printer you’re using, and details of how long you’ve had it, and what steps you’ve taken so far that haven’t worked.

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Hi Rob thanks for the fast response
I’m using Form3 more than a year, never had problem with the gray resin or purple castable one , even now. The case with the w40 is different. It’s almost never print from first time, sometimes there is nothing at all on the platform, sometimes the models are half built, some cases I do print several times same model with different supports different sizes but yet no result. I’m using MacBook and new version of the software which you provide. So don’t know what to do more, this problem is stopping my working process…

An image would be most useful. A .form file even better. Othewise, I don’t know how to help.

Here my last printUploading: 57F9ABD2-511E-4390-8816-82A595635C07.jpeg…

Not sure if you will get the photos, could you please give me some email address I’ll send you there

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