Constant Failed Prints on Brand New Form 3

I have been having issues with constant failed prints on a brand new Form 3, purchased in November 2022.

It seems as if the supports are not making contact with the actual model, which results in partial, or completely failed prints, I have tried making the contacts points bigger, and also tried orientating my models differently, but this has not solved the issue. I have had to revert to using auto generate supports, which is frustrating as this adds way more supports than I think is necessary and STILL does not solve the problem

I am only printing rings, and have previously had zero issues using much less supports on a form 2 for the previous 5 years.

Photos attached of how these prints are turning out - Any ideas if this is a user issue, or the printer itself would be greatly appreciated.

Good morning @MonumentCreativ ,

I’m sorry to hear about your issues on your new Form 3 printer. I would highly recommend reaching out to our Support team because this will require troubleshooting and there’s no simple answer to what is occurring.

Kind regards,