Problem with printing coins

Hi, I am trying to print some coins but the lower (closer to the build platform, on the left side of the photo) side gets deformed. This happens at every angle i use, except when its laying flat, but then i loose resolution on the face of the coin…
any recommendations?

Try printing it more vertical and add more supports where it’s not straight. This part most likely only needs a few supports at the start and a few at the sides. It deforms due to insufficient support placement. Also orientation on the build plate will effect the quality of the edges.

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Is this a Form 1 or Form 2?

I would also print at or near vertical for this type of part. It takes quite a bit longer but normally prints better.

the bottom part of a print especially around where the supports touch the part will often have some extra material cured due to the laser bleeding through the layers as it prints. In your case though I would also increase the build height from 5mm to 8mm, it’s possible you’re getting problems on the edge due to the change in print exposure after 5mm.

thank you for your reply, I wasnt aware that there was any difference in exposure