Print bending at lower parts

So the last few prints have this weird “wave” type bending at the start of the print.

New resin tank - LT tank, New resin high temp. Also Printer was recently in Hungary for tweaking.

And please don’t type: “You should rotate the print to be 45 degrees or 15 degrees”. We now that. We print sometimes like that. But loads of our prints have to be vertically printed beceause of the supports. We cannot put them into those surfaces.

I know what may cause this bend. On the prints we add aditional thin wall - surrounding the print and to this wall we stick supports. I suppose this wall may be to thin. First part of the print may be just not supported very well. After a while when the support amount is bigger - the print is back to normal and well printing. We need to test bigger wall for supports.

Is the wave in the direction of the Shear action on peel?

A coin shape like this on edge should be oriented with its long axis perpendicular to the wiper arm.

Secondly- you say you surround the print with a “wall” and attach supports to it… but your drawing does not show how this wall relates to the faulty print.

Post a picture of the actual part…with supports in place… either the preform rendering or the print itself… its hard to be of any help with so little actual information.

Thanks for reply.
Yes we always orient prints perpendicular to wiper to avoid bending / errors. Like I said in edit - propably the wall that is created by us to hold the supports is propably to thin. If I’ll make another print with tougher walls I’ll send info how it printed.

Hello Mcc. Keep us posted. And feel free to reach out to us via email as well, we’ll gladly have a look and see what we can do to help.
Have a good one!
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Thanks for reply Ailna!
The another print went well. The issue was thin wall. Our cylinder-print did have something about 6mm width. We added to it 1mm wall to hold the supports. It was obviously to thin. Next print with 4mm width of the wall-part went well. It also had place to hold 3x more of supports. Another thing learned : ).

Thanks for letting me know!
I’m glad to hear it worked out.

Have a good one!
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