The object bending after printed few days

I have printed a window for my project, the first day of print the window is straight, but after few days the window is bending (like the attached image). I’m using From 2 and printed in grey resin - 100 microns. Does any one can provide suggestion to solve the problem or it can not be solved?

What orientation was this printed in, and what version of PreForm?

Postcuring significantly increases long term stability.

Also, leaving a part too long in alcohol during washing can make warping worse.

Hello, I had a lot of this problem with several prints with any resin. I think it doesn’t depends from the orientation. I have solved the problem leaving the parts on the supports longer. If it bends I put the parts in hot water and leave them to cool down in the straight position. Tray this.

Please see the image for my printing position. Please advice!
The PreForm 2.8.0

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Thanks! I will try this method.

Thanks for the suggestion. Would you like to tell me how long the parts can be keep in straight position after put in hot water.

Boil some water and then pour it in a container. Put the bended part in the water for a minute. With a clipper take it away and by hands, if possible, make it straight, the resin now is soft and bending. Leave to cool down in a straight position.

Interesting. I’m actually surprised you see this much distortion. I’d echo Max’s suggestion about post-curing. Without post-curing, some unreacted resin could still react (and shrink). Possibly the part was left with what’s now the concave side up, exposed to light? If none of that works, I would try printing with the part perfectly vertical.

I also tried your method but it bend again after cool down.

Thank you for the replies! I tried to print the parts vertical but all of them miss a corner as the picture shown on below. :disappointed:

That’s annoying. It looks from the picture like it’s fully axis-aligned. You may have better results with the big flat fully vertical, but the four sides all at ~45° to level, so the layers start small, get bigger, and then shrink down again.

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