Print Breaks awaying from support after curing

I’m using Standard grey resin and after printing a project 150mm x 100mm x 1.5mm and leave to cure (not in sunlight)it starts to warp and breaks away from the supports. Is this because i’m using standard resin .
Is there a way to straighten the item with warm water or to spray anti uv after curing.

I’m using a form 2 with no curing machine I’ve been I don’t need a curing machine for resin.

large flat objects have a higher chance of warping after printing.
First off though, is it simply a flat piece? If so, then you can probably just get a sheet of acrylic and cut it to size if so.
Otherwise, if it’s genuienly something you can only get from a 3D print, then there’s some things you can do to improve results:
-part orientation (usually at a 45 degree angle)
-supports placement
-avoid too much heat during/after curing
I’ve printed some thin parts successfully, but it takes some different factors to get good results

what do you mean “leave to cure”? Are you post curing in an oven under UV light?
Doing so will net you a more stable part with less post print warpage.

Secondly- Does the part have a lot of mass in some areas? Thick sections of resin build up more stress when curing and can exacerbate warpage- Sudden changes in thickness form thick to thin also create a host of problems-

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