Problem with Grey V3

Hey there I hope somebody can help me.
I have a huge problem with the grey resin with my clear resin that came with the printer everything works fine but with the grey resin I got this ugly spots or bits on my print that looks like cured resin.
You only get them of the print by sanding.
I already tryed cleaning the resin in the vat.
Any Ideas ?

It’s possible that those specks are from the cleaning process. If your isopropyl bucket has been used several times, some debris can get on the part when it is removed from the bucket. To avoid that, I always spray down my part with clean isopropyl immediately after I remove it from the bucket.

Hey thanks for the reply I thought that as well but this specs are already at the part when I remove them from the printer.

This does look most like bits of cured resin from your tank are attaching to your print. Did you use our filtering guide for cleaning out the tank? If so, could you upload your .form file? This looks like a pretty straightforward print but my other suspicion would be a part of this print failing and leading to the artifacts you’re noticing.

I can upload the print but the print that came out had no fails or something there was no peaces lost on the print only this bits attached to the print and its not possible that it is cured resin from another gail print because thats the first print I did with the grey and the new tank.

How is it oriented in the printer? I suspect the best orientation here would be so that the big surface area face is facing towards the front of the machine.

My thinking here: It looks like there is debris getting into the part in some way. If it is not from the cure chamber than it is in the printer. If it is generated by the printer, it is lodged into the part by the wiper. If you reduce the surface area in the wiper sweep direction, you’ll have a better result.

I was printing 5 of them at the time and the ones facing to the wiper side with the big area are the worst and the ones facing to the font of the mashine are the best.
But how can te Printer create this debris and how can I illuminate this is it a faulty laser or dirt on the underside of the tank or the glass under the tank ?
And why its just with the grey resin ?

At this point, I would generally recommend you open up a support ticket, as the customer support folks will be able to more thoroughly and systematically debug with you.

Off the top of my head, I can think of a few reasons. Debris could be generated from something obscuring the optics path—smudges or dust on any of the optics surfaces, likely glass window or mirror—underpowered laser or misshapen laser spot (unlikely but possible explanation), cured bits from previous failures embedded in the wiper. As for why you’re seeing it more with grey rather than clear: grey resin is more matte so these imperfections pop out more to our eyes.

Ok then I will try to clean the buttom of the tank and the glass plate again and if this doesnt help I open a support ticket.
But all my transparent parts are primed so I should see the the debris also.

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