Grey resin pigment separation?

Well, I was about to do a test print with the new version of the software, and I noticed that the grey resin in the resin tank looked a little weird. It was sitting in the tank for the past week, without any prints and it looks like the pigment is separating from the resin. Looks kinda cloudy. I have no idea if this will cause any problems printing, but will know more shortly. Maybe I’ll give it a stir.

Here is a photo of what it looks like.

I tried using the spatula to move the resin around and mix it, and noticed that the bottom of the trey, the silicon coating, is covered in a thin layer of pigment. It’s like it’s painted on. I had to put some pressure on it using the spatula to gently scrape it and mix it into the resin. I hope this does not cause printing issues.

Ok, so the pigment separation does not seem like an issue, once I mixed the resin with the spatula. The model printed out just fine.

In instances where the Grey Resin is left stationary for an extended period of time, there can be slight pigment separation. As you found out, a gentle stir before print will resolve.


Thanks Jory. However my problems are growing way past the slight pigment separation now. It seems like I’m getting worse and worse prints with this machine, even after replacing the resin tank and the base. Even the models that I though are printing well, are not really good, compared to the models I was getting before my printer was replaced. I’m getting rough surfaces, holes in the model, and thin film-like slices stuck to the model. Also, a lot of blurring of details on one side. I opened a ticket (or added to my existing ticket). I need to use the printer for my business, but so far haven’t been able to do so very successfully.

I have noticed this pigment separation also- and the grey film on the bottom of the tank. Mine looked exactly as your pictures show. My resin had been sitting in the tank idle for a week (I had my printer covered during this time with a towel).  I carefully scraped the bottom and stirred the resin, and I’m now attempting to print something.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed.