The strangest issue I've had so far

Alright, so this last week I’ve been in vain; trying to print. Frustration aside; I’ve encountered everything from flakes, explosions, and all kinds of errors and broken prints in general. At first I thought this was the facing or vents, but I’m more inclined now to seek fault somewhere else. I’d like if you’re so kind your opinions on this.

See, I’ve never gotten good results from the black resin. Only from tiny prints. I’ve been trying to conserve gray resin since It’s rather hard to import and so far it’s given me good results. Saving it for something good basically. I tried to print something decent this time with black now that I got a replacement printer from a repair a bit ago. It’s a long story but after fiddling a lot with supports, vents, orientation, and more: I’ve been getting strange results.

A short story of fail: After re-positioning, re-checking, adding new holes, and thoroughly cleaning the insides. Frustrating. A new talk clouded (They cloud so fast) from all this.

Tired, I tried the test clip, but I did a little change. I noticed smaller prints that didn’t go much up in height actually gave good results. (fittings and joints for the toy I’m trying to prototype worked perfectly). I tried the clips in a smaller scale:

PERFECT print. And I spread these through the bed to test. I cleaned the resin tray as it is customary… To find a Strange Gooey layer; almost half- catalyzed. I filtered all the resin. You can see some of the collected goo (looked so much scary on the tank) on the filter.

Alright. Resin filtered. Printer Super-cleaned. Hopeful, managed to try it again with the head. Silly me.

Well, an amazing failure.

I’m trying again now with the gray resin that worked some days ago, hoping for better results. Maybe that way I’ll know if it’s something to do with the resin. If anyone here’s got ideas, I’ll be very glad to hear them since I’m to be honest: Dismayed.

Is your resing tank broken since now? I had similar issue and the device has broken our Tank by lifting up and down with non-lasered areas (like yours).

Well… tank looks fine (Last tank just looks clouded. I’m a bit bitter since the things are expensive and it really didn’t manage to go a long way it seems) I just switched tanks to the one I have for gray resin. that one worked perfectly a couple days ago. Got this:

Officially, it’s major trouble now.

Are you stirring/mixing your Resin before printing? sometimes the pigments settle to the bottom when they are resting too long and you need to stir or shake the container really well to be sure your getting a consistent pigment though out.

Also if your tank is clouding it can occasionally cause this be sure to move your parts around and not always print in the same locations.

yeah I’ve mixed and stirred. Thorougly. Tank is almost new, this also happened with a completely new tank. The things don’t even last a liter of resin, half is more like it; but at the very least I know it’s probably not that. Thanks a lot for the tip though.

tanks for me usually last about 1.5L - 2L before they Fog too bad. Some mild ghosting is common but it is a deep defined fog then I would avoid using it. You recently cleaned your mirrors correct? (I kind of remember seeing a post somewhere where you were doing that but I cant remember)

Sure did with the large one but I’m having the gut feeling that the Servos need cleaning. What baffles me is that I was in printing heaven and then: boom. Ended up sending a ticket to support (I don’t know if you’re supposed to do it yourself, even if you already know how).

Ahhhhh yes if you only cleaned the main mirror it could be the smaller mirrors you will need to put a support ticket into formlabs to get the instructions and approval for mirror cleaning. There are directions floating around on the net I even remember there is a youtube video of the original Form 1 cleaning process which is similar. But start with a ticket and let them know it has been multiple failures with large flakes they may ask for a spot test and such but they should give you the instructions.

Good Luck


What he said ^^^

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