Problem Whit Black v3 and form 2 ? Help!

Voir la photo la base deviens avec un contour très mince comme une feuille de papier de résine et c’est petit morceaux se repend partout dans la résine ??? Que faire , J,ais Black v3 avec les seting de black v3 ?? Aidé mois s.v.p quelle est L’erreur ??

See the picture the base becomes with a very thin contour like a sheet of resin paper and it is small pieces repents all over the resin ??? What to do, we have Black v3 with seting black v3 ?? Helped Please what is the error ??

There can be a few causes for this and our support team is going to be best suited to help out with this. I’ve reached out to our team and one of our French speaking members will be in touch over email to help troubleshoot.

OK we made several test today , we have take Resin v3 and put on empty Black v2 cartrige and try to selected V2 setup on printer whit V3 resin on the cartrige v2 and is works perfect what is the problem whit V3 setup ??? the same resin works on V2 setup whit V3 resin !!!


We prefer V2 , V3 is crap . ! Please sell v2 black ! Thanks.

I know this issue too. It appears when the tank is older and the silicon layer opaque.

Black V3 needs longer exposure, so I think, when the first layers are getting over exposured, the laser scatters.

Indeed, Black V3 is a crap. And in addition, because of the longer exposure, you have to replace the tank more often (higher costs!) and the efficiency of the printer decreases (you need a second printer to reach the same efficiency). Plus more rejects…

I prefer V2 too, but my stock is running short. Any suggestions where I still can purchase V2?

@formlabs: Please bring V2 back.

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I even add that the printer temp is longer than 1:00 hour !!! my model takes 5: 20H with v2 and with V3 it takes 6:50 !!! WOW !!! Please Formlab back to V2 or we offer the opportunity to buy V2! !!!

we still have resin clear in version v2 that can be painted! :frowning: Discouraged !!! we do not know if we will not get it formlab if it does not come back to v2!

Hi everybody,

we have this printing issues since 2 days ago:

1. Flakes: we have found this issue and a considerable deterioration in every support base.

2. Loss of shape: this piece has been printed with Black resin V2 and we have never had any problem like that.

3. Loss of material: we have bought 4 Black V3 Resin cartridges and we have had these failed prints:

4. New dying Resin tank: we have done 2 prints and we have noticed that the deterioration of the resin tank is unbelievable.

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For me we use empty Black v2 cartrige and try to selected V2 setup seting on printer whit V3 resin on the cartrige v2 and is works perfect !!! I thinks formlab V3 problem !!! Please return on v2 formlab !

It can certainly be frustrating to have wasted material and our support team is going to be best suited to troubleshoot this with you and get your print success rate back up to the levels you should expect. The flakes you’re noticing indicate that something may be going on beyond the material itself and a member of our team will be reaching out to you over email to help troubleshoot.

Thanks for doing a bit of troubleshooting by testing with different print settings. We’re a bit surprised to hear that Black V2 print settings worked best with your Black V3 Resin. We’re continuously working to improve our materials and print settings and our support team is going to best suited to help you out with this.

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We made a test 1 resin V3 whit seting V3 = Fail print base , test 2 : Resin V3 whit seting V2 = good no problem ! See picture include

Up the problem is not solved :frowning:

I’d be interested in what you think may be the cause of flakes.
I’ve had the same flaking issue and only with black v3
It makes for a mess during clean up

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Does anyone actually like V3 Black? It seems to be worse in nearly every way than V2.

I stand corrected on flaking only occurring on black v3
I went back to some black v2 I had and had similar issue (more of
a “webbing” between parts at the base.
The parts themselves came out great, it was nice to have that black v2 sheen finish back.

I think, Formlabs loves Black V3.

  • You need more supports and larger support points -> you need more resin -> more sales!
  • Very much prints fail -> more reprints -> more sales!
  • The prints need more time -> you have to replace the tank earlier -> more sales!
  • The efficiency of the printer decreases -> you need a second printer to get the same efficiency -> more sales!

As you see, Black V3 is the best resin ever.

Sorry for my sarcasm… :frowning:

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I also have these black V3 problems since July. I made the test as above printed round about 3 weeks
V3 with cartridge V2, but then no more V2 cartridge in EU.

So I printed only in V3 settings and at the end of August I get additionally problems with the surface
of my parts. These parts I printed very often since the end of 2016 with V2, no problems.
So I have problems with the laser more and more.
The live time of the silicon in the tanks is much shorter and I think this explained the new tank LT !!!

Last Monday the big problem, the z-axis crashed.
Now the printer is back to formlabs. :-(( Live time of the printer 13 months.

I think the main problem ist the much longer laser time for printing.


i hope to formlab return on v2 !

Thanks for posting pictures of the error you’re running into - it’s always a big help with troubleshooting. Webbing like this is often caused by the printer itself and tends to be independent of the material used. Our support team is best suited to help out with this and a member of our team will be reaching out over email to help troubleshoot with you.