Problem Whit Black v3 and form 2 ? Help!

We’re continuing to work to improve material profiles and print success when using Black V3. Were you able to get in touch with our support team? Consistent print failures and poor surface finish are unacceptable results for any of our materials and our team may be able to help with troubleshooting and rule out other causes.

I was in touch with the support. They can only help to minimize the bad effects of V3, but can’t solve the real problem - the unfortunate new formula of the V3 resin.

Why does Formlabs ignore the customer wishes?

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The problem is not solved ! wainting formlab firmware or new v4 :slight_smile: or return v2

I too have had very bad results with black v3.

This is disgusting to read, from the outside it really seems you’re triggering more sales but at the same time more disgusted customers, which imho is not the way to go for a decent business…

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The problem is not solved ! before close topic

Still not solved…

NO not solved !

I just bought two new tanks of black v3 and I’m using some new trays also. Same problems. I guess that once I use this black up I won’t be buying any more until they get this problem fixed. Seems like after all of the talk about this issue here on the forum someone over at Formlabs could address these problems here. Also, the parts are now black / gray. For me they are not usable as samples to show at trade shows as they don’t look like a finished product any more. I am getting the same intermittent failures that everyone else is.

Formlab is sleeping on gas !

I am currently in Chat with a representative for the same issue, I am no rookie when it comes to form machines, had 45 prints completed with V2 black at an astounding 100% print success, ever since receiving the V3, just about 90% of my prints fail, whether its parts falling into the tank, flaking, or poor surface finish, tried 2 brand new resin tanks to try and eliminate that as a cause of failure. Something is fishy about V3

Did you rebuild the supports before suing V3?

It’s possible to print V3 without errors.

You need

  • a perfectly clean optical way (mirror, window glass, new tank)
  • more supports
  • and bigger support points (min 0,6 mm).

Other issues with V3 like greyish surface, higher brittleness, higher costs, longer printing time etc. I won’t discuss again.

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