Black V3 tears whilst printing

I used Black V3 for the first time and I’m disappointed.

The resin is torn whilst printing and the parts show more or less big fissures.
I never saw this with Black V2 after thousands of printed parts.

Have a look too at the warped edges, warped during print!


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Usually those issues are due to lack of support, where as it moves up the part flexes and then it might not connect to the next support or it only corrects itself once it does. Make sure you have enough supports to make it stable as it prints


Does that mean that Black V3 needs more supports than V2?

I’ve printed V2 with far less supports and have never seen such fissures.

Not more but anyway these parts are pretty thin an weak. That’s why you should never be scrimpy with supports. You’ll have to cut and grind anyway so that the number of supports shouldn’t make a difference :smiley:
Please also check your spot size which holds the object. I assume that you tried to make them as small as possible to reduce the dimples diameter which goes at the expense of the force they can resist.

What is the main difference between V2 and V3 (except the more mate surface)?
The V3 seems to be more brittle and less firm too. Small parts are breaking whilst printing or post curing.

The last year, I’ve printed thousands of parts, the most of them in Black V2. Same size, same detailling, same support parameters. As said, I’ve never seen something like that.
With V3, nearly every second part is scrap.

Formlabs, please go back to V2.

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The new material comes with a number of advantages like a matte finish and improved feature resolution so we’ll want to work to get that working well for you rather than reverting to earlier versions. The support generation algorithms do change between reformulations so it might be best to try the default settings and iterate from there to see what works best with Black V3. The material is a bit more brittle, and I’ve found support removal to be easier even with denser and larger touch points. If that doesn’t seem to be working for you, I’d encourage you to open a ticket with our support team so that we can help to troubleshoot further. This also helps us to track the number of users having issues in the field and iterate on process settings or materials.

How is your surface quality of your parts with Black V3? Black V2 had a very nice quality glossy finish. I ordered some more but despite having my order say V2 I was shipped V3. I was rather underwhelmed with this gross chalky surface finish which isn’t nice to touch with the V3.

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