Probably, don't print this?

I have been having some issues with support structure bases not printing. I had an idea to see if there is a pattern to the failures.
I received a new resin tank a few months back, but never compared any dimensions with the last resin tray.

What I do recall is that there seemed like a large gap between the base of the resin tank basin and the build platform.

I also recall that when watching my last failed print I noticed that in the resin tank, near where the support structure base should have been, there were blobs of partially cured resin that interrupted the smooth surface of the resin during peels. I combed them out and then used a paint strainer for finer particle removal from the resin.

I tried to change 2 things.

I tuned the offset distance of the build platform down -0.1 from its current position.

Then I created a 2mm thick square that was oriented co-planar to the build platform plane.

Next, added support structure feature. The support structure was at default settings.

The printer was then left printing for a few hours , well maybe 5+ hours.

I came back to see what happened a few times.

In the end the printer was off.

The resin tank not level, so I was not able to slide it out of the tipping platform.

The build platform was stuck to the printed part, and it wasn’t moving. So it was released from the arm that changes the height of the build platform.

The tilt platform then had to be gently tilted back to level. The resin tank, part and build platform were then removed from the Form1.

It took some careful prying, but it all came apart.

One of the corners of the print had peeled up, but not sure when it had disconnected from the base.

Looking at the support structures below the printed part, there were some support structures that didn’t seem to print, and a few ares of only partial printing, mostly in a short line on 1 axis in the center, but there were also failed support structures along the peripheral of the part.

The part never made it to the full 2mm thickness, more like .2mm to .4mm (cheap digital calipers, and still too gooey to deal with).

Anyway, the support structure base printed in its totality, so I’m still not sure exactly what I learned, but it was interesting.

I think there is a difference in depth of the basin between my old resin tray and the new one, so the tuning was helpful.

Attached are some images of the test part. Its warped a lot since, as expected.