Privacy concerns for returned machines

We just discovered something that might be of relevance to people who have either received a refurbished Form 2 or returned one for replacement:

We just opened one of our dashboard accounts that hasn’t been used in a while, and it still had a previous Form 2 that we returned for warranty connected to it. As such, all prints that the new owner is sending to it still show up on our dashboard.

We can obviously disconnect this printer from our account, but that’s not why I’m writing this - it seems very disconcerting that Formlabs doesn’t have a way to cease any connection with a previous owner when a unit is refurbished.

I’d assume that we’re not the only Formlabs user to print confidential parts, and now that we’re onto requiring our third refurb replacement, it would appear that either previous owners of our refurb units or future owners of ones we return are going to be able to see what each other are printing?

My big question to Formlabs is what the quality control process is for refurbishing printers? Besides this dashboard breach, our last refurb printer that arrived had resin spilt all across the cartridge floor, which was almost amusing considering it was replacing a unit that had a defective cartridge floor.

Apparently this is not supposed to happen and this is due to a manipulation misshap in the refurbishment process :

What that means IMHO is that formlabs has to manually disconnect the printers from the account when they refurbish them, and this procedure being manual is prone to human error. This should not be the case, it should be automatic and should be done as soon as the printer is sent back by the previous owner.

I’m still receiving SMS messages for a printer I returned over a month ago and which is no longer visible on my dashboard. Does anyone know how to properly unlink a printer, or how to get FormLabs to do it?

I also have consumables on Dashboard which are “mounted” on a printer we sent back 6 months ago…
I would like to know how to remove them also!