Dashboard privacy loophole still here

Privacy over the internet is a hot topic, and I realize that Formlabs treats it with amateurism.

A few weeks back, I sent back “StrongFrog” due to repeated sensor issues, and got “ExoticAnaconda” in exchange.
Now, in the Dashboard, I can see both printers and realized that I could see new prints on “StrongFrog” which are probably those of the new owner.

This has been reported already in November 2017 and was supposed to be resolved.

By nature, the Form 2 lends itself to prototyping purposes and it is very troubling to know that confidential designs can be seen by others.

It might be that the ex-owner of “ExoticAnaconda” can see all my activity, just as I can see all that the new owner of “StrongFrog” is up to, and I’m not too happy about this.


Also interesting, is the trays on the dashboard. I have a tank in mine that says it is loaded in a printer I don’t own. (JollyCosset)
Considering I throw out all the used trays, unless someone pulled them out of the trash or they’re re-using tank IDs I can’t see how this happens.

This happened to me also. However, it was loaded on a previous printer I had, that was sent back regarding PSP, so I got a replacement ASAP.
Don’t know if that is your case.


Can the new owner download the model you print or reprint it anyway ? Or it’s just showing them what you printing

I’m curious about this

Don’t think you can download it. You just can see the thumbnail and printing info.


Hi, exactly, is impossible to dowload thorught online profile. It collect only some pics and info from the machine. The file are stored on the internal SD card/memory of the machine.

The fact happen to me, too, after a machine was changed. It isn’t a privacy issue… at least not completely. I mean: we must deactivate the unused/not owned machines from our account when we send them back.

As far as I know (and maybe I am wrong) the machine we send back are then used in the FL printing farms or at the shops/show rooms of the company. If they are send to other private clients, they should be deleted from previous account, because otherwise the machine registration will be unaviable for the new client. That is what I assume.

I guess FL guys could give the final answer.

I’ve been concerned since the beginning about the uploading of the Preview image to the dashboard. For people dealing with confidential work, the fact that this preview image sits on Formlabs servers is not okay. I really enjoy and love the dashboard functionality, such as seeing progress. I am aware the model / geometry isn’t. But the image alone is still not good.

I wish there was a simple checkbox I could use to “Disable uploading preview imagery”.

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