Images of recent prints in dashboard showing as broken links

The last two prints I’ve made on my Form2 (over the last two days) have shown up in the Dashboard as generic “broken link” images. Normally, a 3d rendering of the object being printed is shown.

Is anyone else seeing this? I’m using the latest firmware and Preform.

I have done 6 prints in the past 48 hours and all show up OK for me. Maybe clear your cache and relogin? If not inform FL, while not a huge bug I’m sure they will want to know.

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I’ve had the same broken link images in the Dashboard for a few days now as well, the hover over the dashboard pic says something about not using a new enough version of the firmware. I am also using the latest versions of the firmware (1.10) and the corresponding Preform.

Mr. Hines, you are not alone.

Same problem:

Thanks for pointing this out - we’ve seen a bit of this on our end as well. I sent this thread over to our web team and they’re looking into it.

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FWIW, I just looked and the image link for my last print on Dec 1st is broken.

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