Considering a Used Form 1+, and want to see lifetime usage

Someone lent me a Form 1+ to try for a couple days to see if I want to buy it. It seems to be working fine. I’d like to see the lifetime laser or mirror or peel cycles. Or the number of prints, or the hours of use, before spending over $2000.

I see the Form2 has a dashboard, but not the Form 1+.

I’ve seen a lot of posts about some odometer file, but there’s no such file on my computer.
The folder is there, but there’s nothing in it.
Do I have to fetch the data or something?

And I saw a post saying the odometer has disappeared.

Can I see the lifetime print hours on this Form 1+? Is there any way?

I am not able to tell you where that went but since a new Form 1+ with a warranty is $1999.- what are you getting for over $2000?

You’ve got a point. It would be nice to have a warranty.

Seller is including three and a half bottles of resin, a sanitizing UV cure box (looks like a microwave), and two unopened 3rd-party resin trays.

He says designing and printing just took too long and he couldn’t make any money and the printer has been used only about 20 times, which is why I’d like to find the odometer or print history.

So, no replies yet … I have to give it back tonight, unless I want to buy it. And like David said, I can get a new one for $2000. There’s a lot of other brands too.

I can’t imagine designing a machine like this printer that didn’t track these numbers. Surely there must be a way to see the usage. I saw in one thread that it’s on the SD card. How can I see that? I’d much rather download a file, but if I need to pull the card, ugh, well, how hard is it?

@cadcomet: I have a Form2 machine and have been very happy with it - I had gotten one of the early models on the Early Release Program. There was one instance of my needing to give it back to get a new machine because the accelerometer was not working properly: it was requiring me to “level” the machine even when it didn’t need leveling. But it works like a charm in terms of prints and print quality. My humble opinion about your situation is: why would you buy a used machine (and a few extras) when you can buy a new Form 1+machine with a warranty and one liter of clear resin for $1999? You can buy a salon nail UV curing unit on eBay for $23 plus ~$6 shipping (depending on where you live). To me, the economics of it all make for an easy decision…at least to me:slight_smile:

I agree with Ken; personally I don’t think its worth buying used at that cost.

And plus, a physic teacher buddy pointed out that the UV cure box is at 254 nm, which is not what the resin specifies. So, I’m not even sure that box has any value at all. I was thinking I might offer the guy less, like $1800, but a warranty is starting to be more attractive.

And I guess there is no way to see the cumulative hours on the machine.

Thank you guys. David, Ken, 3D.

I guess I’ll just tell him he can have his Form1+ back.

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