How to check how many working hours my old F1+ has

Hello, I switched to a Form2 and after some months I think I’ll sell my old Form1+, the guy that wants to buy it asked me how many working hours it has.
Is there a way to know it precisely?
I can’t find any info about this topic.


You’ll have to open up the back, and pull the SD card out of the F1+, then read it on a PC.

There’s a mileage/odometer log in there that tells you all the information you’ll need to know. I don’t remember it’s location off hand, but it has the name of your printer and the extension “.log”. You could give the prospective buyer the log.


thank you so much, Dudemeister.
do you think 150/200 working hours are a lot for a Form1+?

Not at all. How much are you asking for your printer if I may ask?

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For me and my F1+, 200 hours would be maybe 20 or 30 prints on average at .1 layer height. That’s probably not even 3L of resin’s worth. If I’d bought this printer new 3 years ago I’d be averaging about 2 hours a week of run time. Virtually unused.

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