Prints for 3D Artists Complete

Hi All

I thought I would share some of the prints I have finally finished, showcasing the work of some top quality artists, I hope you like the pieces.


Awesome prints & pics.
What primer/painting did you use on the Patina Barbarian ?

Hi Cyprien

I used a Vallejo airbrush primer mixed with Golden transparent extender and Vallejo airbrush thinner to prime the model, I then painted with Modern Masters Bronze, followed by Modern Master Blue-Green Patina Solution, I’m glad you like it!


Wow Jason,
the prints are awesome and the painting effects are perfect!
Hat off to you!
Compliments. You set the bar very high!
May I ask you the size of the statues? Seems not very big, but with great level of details. Printed at 0,05 and 0,025 mm?


Hi Mattia

Thanks for positive comments - always nice to hear good things about ones work! The GoatLord, Bucket and barbarian are both around 150-160mm high, the Cthulhu is around 280mm high. The Cthulhu was printed at 0.025, as was the Barbarian (the base was printed at 0.05), GoatLord was printed at 0.05 and Bucket was printed at 0.1.

Incredible!! :open_mouth:

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Vallejo is the best! Are the Modern Masters paints also for airbrush?

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The label on the bottle says it can be sprayed, but it’s quite viscous and states ‘no thinning’ so I just brushed it on. I did airbrush on the patina solution which has now patina’d the inside of my airbrush.

REALLY nice models - beautifully done!!

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