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Some prints i've done

Hi there,

I took a bit of time to print models i have presented to the shapeways contest.
They were printed at 100 micron, they are all about 13cm tall.
Poseidon is kind of a wink for formlabs ( it’s a model that i’ve sculpted years ago)


Here is the monster


And poseidon



WOW! Absolutely gorgeous!

Wow. I want just 10% of your talent! :wink:

Incredible work!

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did you print poseidon in parts and then glue?

Wow, thanks a lot Monger, and everyone else :slight_smile:

The poseidon was printed in a single part, it’s not that hard now to print with heavy overhangs thanks to the add support fonction.
But my models are hollows to reduce the print time, amount of resin and the peel force.

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would you mind showing us a screenshot of your preform file for the poseidon?

that poseidon is way cooler than the one we print at formlabs

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Love it, a true artis of modern time

Thanks for all your replies, :slight_smile:

Here is a screenshot of preform. I just added 3-4 supports nothing else.

oh wow that looks very simple. Thanks for sharing. I thought that all the tentacles and the spear would cause island and need all kind of supports.

That Poseidon is awesome!

Really impressive stuff!

Can I ask how thin you set your wall thickness?

Also, do you manage that thickness pretty consistently, or does it vary throughout the hollowed areas?

I ask as I am experimenting with various hollowing approaches and am having mixed success where I do not maintain a consistent thickness.

Thank you!


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Great question thank you for asking.

Hi geodbot3D.

I can’t really give you hard number about my thickness because i scaled my models a little in preform.
But i usually do a thickness between 1-2mm. From my tests, 1mm is the minimum if you don’t want to see holes is some areas. 2mm is sometime too big for huge intricate parts but it’s a good start.

I supposed my models are around 1.5mm. and yes i have a consistent thickness all over my model.
For that, i use meshmixer which is extremely powerful and free. In only few clicks i set a precise thickness and smooth the inside mesh to reduce the poly count and avoid problem : This is maybe the key of your problem, i don’t have the exact same mesh inside than outside ( it’s almost “smooth” with no details ) see pictures of the monster above.

Hey curious the print of poseidon, did you do any post production work to get him to look that smooth? Trying to gouge the quality of the print,

Hi Mark,

Actually i did nothing … not even sanding :slight_smile:
To have the best quality you better put the print the most horizontally possible ( but keep in mind you still have to give it a little angle )

I love love love the Poseidon print. I have a few questions for you :smile: Did you use ZBrush to sculpt the Poseidon? How did you make your model hollow all through out the body?