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Some prints i've done

Thanks for the compliment Cor_Gorospe :slight_smile:

Yes i uses zbrush for the high poly modeling.
For hollowing my parts, i exclusively uses meshmixer. It’s free and allow to hollow my models really quickly ( i can give a exact shell in milimeters, smooth and reduce the polycount in 3-4 clicks ) I think it’s important to smooth the inside to remove all the intricate forms ( that way, i uses less internal support and reduces the chances of failure )

Thanks for your reply Gillesalexandre . So for smoothing the mesh, you used meshmixer? Did you export your high poly model from Zbrush with obj file? Also did you decimate it before exporting it out of Zbrush? And did you use MeshMixer to print using Form +1? Sorry I’m asking a lot of questions…lol

Yes I exported my file with .obj and decimate it via Zbrush.
I don’t understand your last question :wink: , i use meshmixer only for hollowing my part (extrude, smooth and reduce the internal part )
i don’t use .stl file because sometime i have to reload my file in my 3d softwares and .stl file are longest to load