Printing stop due to tank end of life warning

My 12 hour impression was put on hold due to the display of the end of life of the tank … as if I was going to change it in the middle of an impression … ???

And the problem is when it happens in the middle of the night, and the break lasts several hours, there is always an important mark on the printed object !!!

Result I’m a little angry, I have to throw the object in the trash and it costs me money

Can you correct this problem? display the warning: yes but not stop the printing in progress

The tank is at 76% of life, there is no problem printing until the end !!!

This tank

Out of curiosity: can you post an image of the mark such a break leaves in your case? If the object is well supported it should stay in the same place and as the cured resin is still in a green state one should not see a mark. Do you experience this with a certain material?

This happens a lot in open mode on the form 2.

Most likely because the temperature of the part drops.

I’m use clear resine.
At the level of the arrow, the longer the pause, the greater the mark.

There is no reaction from other form3 users ?? I am the only one or the Imprimnate take a break when a warning message on the use of the tank ??

I haven’t actually had it stop because of a tank warning yet. It’s warning me one of my tanks is getting close, but it hasn’t stopped printing yet. That is super obnoxious though.